Chez Boyer

Monday, April 17, 2006

How to play Star Wars when you've never seen Star Wars

This is paraphrased. Alex and his friends at school played Star Wars on the playground, and it went something like this.
"I was Obi Two from Star Wars Two. He can spray fire, and ice, and water, and lasers. There wasn't any Obi One because he's a bad guy, and we didn't want any bad guys in the group. He can spray all kinds of stuff. Nicolas was Dark Vader. He's a good one. Trevor was Luke Skywalker, and he can walk on a rope. Christobal was R2D2, and he can spray lasers and he has a gun. We didn't fight any bad guys, but we did fight some girls. We fought Isabella and Alayah and Isabel. They weren't really playing with us, but we fought all kinds of girls.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

We were invited to an Easter brunch and to an Easter lunch at my parents' house. To make time, I decided to go with Alex to the 8:30 p.m. Saturday evening Easter Vigil mass. Later, my mom said, "oh, yes, I should have warned you, those masses are about two and a half hours long. " Indeed it was. It was incredibly lovely, though. Before mass, we gathered outside and the church was kept closed and dark. Everyone got a candle and there was a blessing, and then a slow, silent progression into the church. Silent, that is, except for Alex saying: "Look, everyone's moving. I like to move it, move it; I like to move it, move it...."

Friday, April 14, 2006

Alex is still kinda funny

A few more Alex quotations:

"This dinosaur is kinda like a T Rex except his front legs are the same size as his back legs. I'm gonna call him 'T Rex except the front legs are the same size as the back legs'. That's a long name....but it's not as long as Stinehelfer!"

"Mommy, even when I was in your tummy I loved you." Awwww.

And a couple of shots of Molly the croc hunter and bareback Daddy-rider...