Chez Boyer

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sledding Adventures

Well, it finally happened. They predicted snow for Raleigh, and it actually snowed. I focused on getting the kids some boots and enough groceries in the house, and did not join in the mad pre-snow rush to find a sled -- which I probably should have. Saturday we went out with our boogie board; and Sunday we went out with the boogie board again and a nice man who lives at the top of the "sledding hill" loaned us an orange plastic sled. The kids went down a total of, oh, ninety times or so. No school tomorrow, so I'm guessing we'll be back out there again. Josh sadly had to report to work on Sunday, but he wrote the following about our trek out on Saturday: After a boogie board ride down the hill, Molly said "That was awesome, dude." Of the boogie board, she said, "That's the best skateboard in the whole world -- the whole city."

We watched a couple drive by on a 4X4 Gator, towing their kids on sleds up the hill. Alex said, "That's a good idea." Molly pointed to kids being towed and said, "That is a good idea because, look!"