Chez Boyer

Friday, November 16, 2007

Random pictures

Last weekend we walked around Umstead Park , near RTP, on a lovely fall day.

Then we met our friends for lunch at the airport, and got to watch small planes and helicopters taking off from a cafe that is in the airport, but not in the terminal. A neat place to go. Pippa is a big fan of airplanes.

The four of us went bowling two weekends ago, at Alex's request. It was a good time, but did you know that a couple of games of bowling, with shoe rental, a pitcher of beer and nachos, is, uh, $60? Craziness. We'll save up and go again sometime.

Bringing us around to the present day, Molly has an ear infection and pink eye, those perennial childhood favorites. I have a nasty hacking cough, so it was a perfect day to not go to work. We went to the Dr., got the prescription filled, and did some shopping while we were waiting for the prescription. We were given a WIDE berth while shopping, Typhoid Molly and her mama. Molly does not like the Dr., even though many advisories in the form of "no owwies" were given before going in. We talked a little bit about her being sick, but if you say that, she corrects you that she is TWO. ALEX is six.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A couple of pictures

I think these pictures of Alex and Molly kind of capture their respective natures:

Here's a cute one of the Stinehelfer clan:

Alex is still funny

From, the "uh, okay" department:

"This morning I put a little toothpaste on my cheek so that whenever I wanted to I could have a little toothpaste snack. I LOVE dried toothpaste!"

I bought Alex some jeans from Old Navy in a size 5 slim and a size 6 slim, with adjustable waists, from the boy's department. Both of them looked as if he had put on Shaq's pants. So I went back to the store with him in tow to try some on and to see just how short the legs would be on the pants that fit him in the waist. Nothing in the boy's section, so we crossed over to the "Old Navy Baby" section. It turns out that an adjustable-waist 5T, set several holes in on each side of the adjustable waist, fit him pretty nicely. I bought five pairs. They have tags on them that say "5T / Old Navy Baby". Alex moaned and fussed about how he was not a toddler and he just couldn't believe his pants were 5Ts. I am just thankful to whoever came up with this idea of adjustable waist pants, sparing me the trouble of custom-ordering some extra-extra-slim 5s.

In Molly news, she can pretty much say whatever she wants now, although we don't understand everything. She has so many new words and copies so often I can't keep track of it all. This weekend when I didn't understand her asking for yogurt, she pushed a bar stool to the flatware drawer, climbed up, opened the drawer, took out a spoon, closed the drawer, put the bar stool back, went to the refrigerator, got a yogurt, and gave it to me. Resourceful child.