Chez Boyer

Monday, August 28, 2006

Molly saved, camera lost

Hi, this is Josh. There may not be a lot of new pictures in the near future on this blog because our camera drowned today. I was taking pictures of Alex sailing his new pirate ship in the backyard kiddie pool this morning. The pirate ship, a gift from aunt Susan, is big and cool, complete with a firing cannon. Molly was watching from beside the pool. The side wall of the pool comes to about Molly's chin, so I was surprised when she somersaulted into it. I rushed to her rescue, grabbing her with my left hand while pushing off the bottom of the pool with my right. Wait, what's that in my right hand? Doh! The camera.

Molly coughed up some water and acted like it was no big deal. She seems to be a selkie, half girl, half seal (see this picture for proof). The camera, R.I.P., was not half seal.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Birthdays and Lake Trips

Well, we survived the first joint birthday party. We got loads of compliments on the food and all recipes are available on request, of course, and on the house and yard. We're very happy with the new place and bit by bit are making it our own. We were also very blessed that a lot of our friends were able to make it; we're sorry we weren't able to chat with all of them more. We hope y'all had fun anyway. A lot of Alex's friends were able to make it too, and Molly doesn't really have any homies yet but she will with those good looks and sweet charm. Oh, and her bling.

Alex got loads of cool stuff. I think we're going to put a lot of it away and parse it out little by little so he'll pay attention to it all. Otherwise, it's just going to be light saber, pirate stuff, light saber, pirate stuff. He has to go to kindergarten on Tuesday for "Assessment Day." I am kind of worried that his assessment will be demonstrating everything he knows about Star Wars.

The somewhat over-iced grocery store cake. I was going to make the cake myself but chickened out the day before. Maybe next year.

The identity of the person who gave my son a fairly loud accordion shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.

"Gucks" are cool, and so is Henry.

Then on Sunday, we went to the lake and let Molly drive...

Oh no! Watch out, Molly!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Molly sick but still a cuddler

Molly has contracted some viral unpleasantness called "hand, foot & mouth disease" which makes her quite unhappy and gave her little blisters in her mouth, feet, and diaper area. She is on the mend, though, and getting back to her cheerful self. Today I was folding the laundry, she was unfolding the laundry, and she started cuddling one of my skirts and rocking it. I went to Alex's room and found a baby doll I bought him when he was 2 and we were potty training. It is a peeing baby doll and has a little "trapdoor" outfit.

Molly hugged and rocked the baby doll and looked so much like a little person! Then she bit its toes. It was so cute, I tried to get a picture but she is too fascinated by the camera to sit still. Alex also took a renewed interest in the doll. His dialogue for the baby went something like this: "I have a cool light saber. Look at my light saber! Put my butt away! I said, put my butt away! I am Luke Skywalker!"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

R2D2 Boyer

So Alex and I found a guy in England (not the guy in the picture above) who built a model of R2D2. He was featured in this month's National Geographic Kids magazine. He spent $3000 making it. Alex wanted to send him an email asking him how he made it, so we did. This nice man, who probably receives emails from little boys all day long, sent the following along with the above photo:

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your letter.
R2-D2 is a lot of fun. I take him all over the place to meet people and raise money for charity.
Everyone loves him.
He took 2 years to build and is very heavy.
He is made mostly of metal.
I hope you manage to make one when you are older.
I have added a photo. The little man with R2 is Kenny Baker, who operated him from the inside during the Star Wars films.
My R2 is operated with a remote control, just like a toy car.
Nice to hear from you,


Well, I thought that was very sweet. Alex had a different reaction though -- disappointment that there are still no directions on how to make R2D2. Despite all my explanations -- probably pretty complicated, pieces too heavy for him to lift, takes 2 years, $3000, take your pick -- Alex is convinced that if this guy would just send the instructions, he'll just hang onto them until he gets older and he'll be able to build it, free of my dream-crushing intrusiveness.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beach trip pictures

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kids in Ohio

Alex and Molly are in Ohio this week with Nana Kathy, Uncle Dan and cousin Henry, breaking our hearts but I'm sure making Aunt Susan, Great Uncles Tim and Dennis, and Great-godparents the DeAngelos very happy. They are supposed to be sending me a postcard typed on one of Uncle Tim's typewriters, quite the novelty for a kid from the digital age.

Here is part of my phone conversation with Alex:

Alex: And Molly bit my finger and it left, kind of like a dent in it.
Me: Oh, honey, I'm sorry to hear that.
Alex: Yeah, that Molly, she's a sweet girl but she's trouble!

Luna banana

What kind of moon is this? No, not a crescent moon -- a banana moon, according to Alex. Can't remember when he came up with that, maybe when he was 2.