Chez Boyer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second swim meet video

I wasn't able to go, I hung out with Molly, but Josh took some video. It's hard to tell at the meets and you're watching your own kid, what place they take, so we don't know. They give you the ribbons a few days later. But I thought Alex's form, at least, for the breaststroke was pretty good.

Incidentally, I took Molly with me after work to vote in a runoff election for Commissioner of Labor. Yes, I take voting somewhat seriously. Josh voted with her this morning. Some interesting results were that 1) the Boyers constituted approximately 5% of the voting population at our polling location, (the former Commissioner of Labor and his wife, I believe live in our voting precinct. They were presumably another 5%.) and 2) the volunteer poll worker recognized Molly from the morning, saying, "that young lady has already voted today!". Loooooow turnout.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Daughter in the Water is now a 5-star YouTube video with over 20,000 views. I am definitely co-opting the name of the song again, if and when I ever get Alex's video montage up.


Alex and I had a lemonade stand today. Turns out you can make minimum wage doing this, and avert the tax man, too. W00t!

The shirt Alex is wearing is his "Camper of the Week" shirt from Camp Ranoca, his day camp last week and next. The shirt is almost big enough to fit Alex's dad. Alex was "Camper of the Week," he said, because he showed the most spirit. "I sing the camp songs all the time, even when I'm swimming," he explained.

Alex's first swim meet of the season, he's second from the right, preparing to do the backstroke. He swam in the first, competitive, heat in two out of three events, and won a fourth and a fifth place ribbon. Go Alex!

We went to see Bee Movie at the Movies by Moonlight in Cary. It was surprisingly good, actually.

Bailey celebrated her fifth birthday in this dress that I'd really like in my size. Alex read her his card.

Molly's party face.

Changing the subject, our friends James, Emily, Pippa and Rowan Jackson Sanborn are moving to Maine, their homeland. James went up this week to shop for a house. Josh asked James to buy us one while he was at it, and are we thrilled with our new vacation home or what?!

End of the Adja era

Molly now says Alex instead of Adja. She first said it a week or so ago as a novel way of delaying her bedtime. It caused me (this is Josh) to pull her out of her crib, gather Alex and Jen and let Molly show off. For a day or so I thought she was going to use both names, but it's starting to seem like Alex will be called Alex. It's a bit sad.

Two more bits on Molly.

1. Molly uses "for" as her favorite preposition, usually in place of "with." Just now:
"Daddy, please you come here and talk for me."

2. A conversation this afternoon:

"Daddy, get my pink blanket."

"Molly, how do you get things from me?" I was angling either for "please" or a kiss.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Few new pictures

I just really like this picture.

Uncle Dan entertained everyone with this balloon launch toy. I found one for our friend Bailey for her birthday, it was so much fun.

The rocks skipped very, very well in this creek.

These are llamas who live near the purple house.

Molly posing, completely un-self-consciously, as she gets ready to go to Splash Day at Bright Horizons.

We had a rather failed camping trip this past weekend to Julian Price Park, wherein we made several trips to the wilds of downtown Blowing Rock, and decamped to the purple house in the face of moderate rain. Lewis & Clark we are not. But a few good pictures all the same.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Alex had another "informance" (performance that informs!), this one was dance set to the book Earth Dance. He had an earlier informance that I don't think I ever got the video up for. Something else for the to-do list. Anyway, in this one he represented a waterfall, and then "Leader of the Plants". He's in the Carolina-blue-and-white striped polo shirt. Interpretive dance has not proven to be his number one favorite school activity, but they were pretty adorable anyway.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Public Service Announcement

If anyone owns a copy of Rick Bayless' Mexican Kitchen, there is a recipe for "Essential Sweet-and-Smoky Chipotle Seasoning Salsa."

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt this recipe.