Chez Boyer

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boyers Index, summer edition

Number of pairs of shorts Alex has: 7
Number of summer 2008 dresses Molly has: 36
Number of cents a hot dog at the pool costs on Wednesdays: 50
Number of days of school Alex has left: 10
Number of days of camp Alex will have: 35
Number of miles one way to get Alex to horseback camp and then to work: 37
Time at which swim team practice starts: 5
Time at which I would have to leave the house in order to get him to camp, work a full day, and get him to swim team on time: 6:00 a.m.
Chances of this happening, in percent: 0
Chances that Molly will still not sleep through the night: 99
Number of days they will still be 2 and 6, respectively: 89 and 90
Number of hours of daylight: I don't know, but I want them all.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Josh blogs Alex, Jen blogs Molly

This is my attempt to capture a close-up of Molly's hair. It doesn't really work. Anyway, she has one fuzzy frizzy patch that attracts knots as if it were Velcro, but the rest of her hair is these beautiful ringlets. At least, I keep trying to convince Josh that they're beautiful ringlets. I'm sure someday I will be trying to convince her that they're beautiful ringlets.

So Josh and his bum foot took Alex to Vertical Edge, I took Molly to her friend Lauren's party at My Gym. She had such a fantastic time there, and ate every bite of her cake and Goldfish. One story from my transporting Molly to and from Bright Horizons due to Josh moving at .05 mph: I was saying good-bye to her as she had already started her (second) breakfast at school. She pretty much ignored me and wouldn't look up from her cereal with bananas. Her teacher, Ms. Kelly, said, "oh, when Molly's eating, she's done with you. She'd eat all day if we let her." This has not exactly filled me with confidence about my cooking, but oh well. At least she's eating somewhere. And, once, just once, the phrase, "Mommy, I wan more cawwots and broccowi" has been uttered at our table."

This is in the ball pit at My Gym. This functioned very much like traffic in developing nations, i.e. "Oh my God those people are going to hit each other --- whew they missed by a quarter inch..."

Molly and her Bright Horizons peeps at Lauren's birthday. Lauren is third from the right, the right being represented by Molly wearing a dress from her Nana Mary. I tried to tell her that a dress, lovely though it is, might not be the best choice for a gymnastic party, but she really wanted to wear it. She loves it, and she happens to have a coordinating necklace too. And really, it didn't slow her down at all. Thanks Nana Mary!

Alex the rock climber

You may remember from Alex's Merlefest adventures that he climbed halfway up the climbing wall there. On Sunday, Alex and his Y Guides buddies met at a place called Vertical Edge climbing center, an indoor climbing facility. Alex started climbing.

Several times he made it about as far as in the picture below. The blue line is about 6 feet off the ground. He would get tired and scared to go any farther. Alex has his dad's fear of heights, but he climbs on.

At the end of the afternoon, I told him "one more climb." Check out where he ended up on that one. He's got no hand holds above him, and no rope left. That's the ceiling, at about about 20 feet.

Watch out in 2009, Merlefest climbing wall!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jen Skips a Groove Again

Okay, Josh broke his fifth metatarsal and sprained his ankle, and there are cute new pictures. But I want you, just for today, to indulge me in a little rant with no pictures and no cute stories. Here goes:

The Republican National Congressional Committee recently spent $3 million dollars to try to win special elections in 3 districts. They lost in Louisiana’s 6th district by 3% (which voted 59% for Bush in 2004), in Illinois’ 14th district by 6% (56% for Bush) and most recently in Mississippi by 8% (62% for Bush). Needless to say, these are not considered good omens by the RNCC.

What’s more, that $3 million was 42% of their cash on hand as of the last reporting cycle.

So anyway, if my public education serves, the RNCC should still have around $4 million left. They spent $1 million per district on some of the reddest districts in the country, and got their hats handed to them. There are 199 Republican representatives left. Clearly, some are more vulnerable than others, but DailyKos estimates more than half of those districts are less safe than the ones that already lost.

Wait, there’s more. In Mississippi, they tried to tie Democratic candidate (and winner) Travis Childers, a former realtor with no legislative experience higher than county clerk, to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Needless to say, the voters’ IQ was above 12, and this approach failed miserably. Plus, turns out, that district? It’s one-third African-American. Who could have possibly predicted that the “smear Obama” strategy would backfire?

So naturally, drawing on years of experience in Iraq, they plan to stick with the same strategy in November.

Doesn’t this seem like good money after bad? Can’t you think of some better uses for that cash?

In central China, there may be 50,000 people dead. The devastation and loss are horrifying. There may be 26,000 people still alive, whose recovery is hampered by the rubble and destruction.

NPR reports that the U.S. plans to donate $500,000 to China for their relief efforts. No, there aren’t any zeroes missing from that figure.

Unlike the Republicans, China did not bring its devastation on itself. More importantly, unlike the Republicans, with assistance the Chinese could dig themselves out.

My message to the RNCC: forget about campaigning this year. Sure, you could spend your money airing ads of some hapless Texas county commissioner PhotoShopped next to Barack Obama and a hammer and sickle, or next to Nancy Pelosi superimposed over a Gay Pride parade, but you only have about $20,000 per district, and the more you spend, the worse you lose. I realize there are probably potential legal complications with how you direct your campaign expenditures, but hear me out. Most of you will be in prison for something or other soon enough anyway. I say: send that money to China. Send it to Burma. Send it to New Orleans. Heck, send it to Tajikistan. But send it somewhere, anywhere, where someone might actually use to build themselves UP rather than on continued efforts to drag us all DOWN.

Thank you.

There will be pictures soon.