Chez Boyer

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Videos of Alex, age 1

We've had 2 VHS tapes of Alex in a cabinet for years now. I recently converted them to digital files and made clips from them. Those of you on Facebook have seen many, but not all of these. I now offer them on Youtube for those of you who didn't catch them on Facebook.

Videos are here. There are lots of them. This isn't a guilt trip to watch them all. Enjoy.

One of the VHS tapes was made by Uncle Dennis McCabe at the Stinehelfers' house and at our Durham house on Alex's first birthday, in August 2oo2.

The other tape was made by Jen on our first week-long trip to Topsail with friends, earlier in August 2002. We're about to go on that same trip, year 10.

Most of the videos are self explanatory; they show Alex being cute. Some of you may need an explanation for the last two, the ones of a play set. Papa Dennis brought the play set from Alabama to our house in Durham, tied to the roof of his Honda Accord.